Inspiring My Generation Corporation is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the disparity in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility. The nonprofit was founded by Francesca Reicherter in March 2020, in honor of her late uncle and godfather, Marc Taglienti, who passed away by suicide.

27 days before Marc’s passing, Francesca had attempted suicide herself. Her godfather was the one who helped her get through it. Marc held her in his arms while she trembled in fear, he spoke to her about the importance of getting help, and he promised they would get through this together. Just 27 days later, Marc died by suicide, and Francesca’s life changed forever. The person who gave her the strength to keep going had ended his own life, and that pain in itself broke her. A couple of months later, Francesca was hospitalized after multiple suicide attempts. During her stay in the mental hospital, Francesca quickly became overwhelmingly disappointed and angry in the way WE as a society approach mental health as a whole. It was then, Francesca decided she was meant to become a voice for those who lost their lives to suicide, for the people they never got to become, and the experiences they never got to have.

Since officially commencing operations in 2020, Inspiring My Generation has developed numerous initiatives to be a voice for those who lost theirs to suicide and to let others struggling know they are not alone.

Francesca hosts a weekly “Normalize The Conversation” IGTV series with advocates and professionals in hopes of engaging in conversations about mental health from all different perspectives. The series serves as a safe place to share stories and engage in conversations aimed to effectively end the stigma.

Upon learning that individuals hospitalized with suicidal ideation (active or passive) are 100-200x more likely to die by suicide commonly due to lack of emotional and financial support, Inspiring My Generation launched the Encouragement Card Program where 150 hand-made cards are sent out to patients in mental hospitals monthly to share encouragement and support to individuals at time when love and support is MOST needed.

In January 2020, IMG launched their first clothing collection called “therapy for all” where proceeds are donated to the T3 Mental Health Grant, which provides financial assistance to individuals living with mental illness who cannot afford treatment.

Lastly, currently IMG is partnering with other organizations to change policies and regulations that are hindering effective treatment for mental health or are related to an increase in the suicide rate. One of the goals is to work alongside leaders to encourage valuable policies and regulations that leave individuals more successful after receiving treatment. Another goal is to hold leaders accountable for how their inadequate policies and regulations are affecting the collective mental health of our community.


  • Boundaries Are Important For Healthy Relationships

    Perhaps one of the most important components of our ability to connect and bond with other individuals are the boundaries we set for ourselves. As you know, all types of relationships (family, work, personal, etc.) can be difficult to navigate as everyone has unique views, beliefs, principles, and aspirations that form our identities. One way we learn to steer these relationships is through the boundaries we set for ourselves and others.
  • Depression Is A Silent Killer: Talking Saves Lives

    Depression is a silent killer. Why? The culture we have created as a community of people has put a negative stigma around the term, “mental illness.” This has caused us to unintentionally react distastefully when people reach out or mention their battle. Mental illness does not define you. Mental illness is not uncommon. Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Mental illness is not something to be quiet about. Talking saves lives. Start the conversation BEFORE it’s too late.


  • Stop Asking Permission To Live Your Life

    In conclusion, STOP ASKING PERMISSION to be who you are or to chase your dreams. This life belongs to you and you alone. 20 years from now—30 years from now, the only person who must live with the results is you. So, decide today if you want to wait for permission and allow life to pass you by OR give yourself permission to chase and achieve your dreams.