Blogs by Francesca Reicherter

  • Boundaries Are Important For Healthy Relationships

    Perhaps one of the most important components of our ability to connect and bond with other individuals are the boundaries we set for ourselves. As you know, all types of relationships (family, work, personal, etc.) can be difficult to navigate as everyone has unique views, beliefs, principles, and aspirations that form our identities. One way we learn to steer these relationships is through the boundaries we set for ourselves and others.
  • Depression Is A Silent Killer: Talking Saves Lives

    Depression is a silent killer. Why? The culture we have created as a community of people has put a negative stigma around the term, “mental illness.” This has caused us to unintentionally react distastefully when people reach out or mention their battle. Mental illness does not define you. Mental illness is not uncommon. Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Mental illness is not something to be quiet about. Talking saves lives. Start the conversation BEFORE it’s too late.


  • Stop Asking Permission To Live Your Life

    In conclusion, STOP ASKING PERMISSION to be who you are or to chase your dreams. This life belongs to you and you alone. 20 years from now—30 years from now, the only person who must live with the results is you. So, decide today if you want to wait for permission and allow life to pass you by OR give yourself permission to chase and achieve your dreams.
  • Learning To Be Strong On My Own

    During the most severe period of my battle with Depression and Anxiety, my mind became my worst enemy. I was incapable of being alone because my mind would turn on me. I had lost complete control of my mindset. 
  • How Positive Affirmations Help Me Battle My Insecurities.

    Depression and anxiety are two mental illnesses that really affect your daily mindset. When you feel depressed, you tend to feel hopeless and extremely sad to the point where it can be difficult to imagine a future and emotions become numb.
  • How Do You Define Yourself?

    Here is what does define you: your goals, your core values, and your future actions.


  • Overcoming Depression Symptom: Feeling Trapped

    Depression creates an alternate way of thinking where even when you can see that the glass is half full, you can only focus on why it’s half empty. And, the thought of it being half empty eats at you constantly. Then, the thought begins messing with your mind wondering if you are the cause of the half-emptiness. Before you know it, all you can see if the half-emptiness you cause everywhere. This is why, for a lot of us, the most difficult part of the recovery process is conditioning your mind to stop overanalyzing every detail.
  • 1 Year Reflection: Top 5 Areas of Growth

    About 11 months ago, I turned to blogging to help myself express and process my feelings. Over that time, it has become both an important part of not only my healing but my personal growth. I have been able to use my blog as a way to be honest and open with who I am, which has allowed me the opportunity to support myself, and more importantly, a few others. In the past year with the help of therapy, blogging and encouragement, I have grown in many ways, here are my top 5 areas of growth:
  • From an Intense Moment to a Relaxed Moment: 3 Phase Process

    The unhealthy habits nurtured by our mental illnesses tend to be triggered by high-pressured situations. In those situations, one way to avoid repeating the habits that further us from recovery is to utilize coping mechanisms to move from a hot moment to a cool moment.
  • Why Francesca Shares Her Story

    One of the most common questions I am asked is why I choose to share my story. What prompted me to want to tell my story? Am I worried about what other people think? What about the people who are offended by my story?
  • Francesca's Story

    It’s been almost a year now and I am doing better, but recovery is a long and difficult process. Now, I am starting “Inspiring My Generation.” It is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and normalizing the conversation. On this platform, I will share all the tips I learn throughout my recovery, educate others on mental health, and engage in conversations aimed at normalizing the conversation.