How Positive Affirmations Help Me Battle My Insecurities.

Depression and anxiety are two mental illnesses that really affect your daily mindset. When you feel depressed, you tend to feel hopeless and extremely sad to the point where it can be difficult to imagine a future and emotions become numb. When you feel anxious, you tend to question everything and feel a lot of heightened insecurities. Both are mental illnesses that I battle. Together, they can make it very difficult to relax my mind and focus in on the positives. Battling these illnesses together is quite common, in fact, one is typically a symptom of the other. Therefore, it can be extremely beneficial to learn more about how to control their power over your mind. Today, I am going to share with you one way I have learned to nurture a positive mindset even when those negative thoughts and insecurities flutter through my mind like a broken record.

As we all know, our mind can be our biggest asset or our greatest weakness depending on how we use it. If you allow your mind to continuously think about all your insecurities, you are giving power to those insecurities. Eventually, they become more visible and noticeable to those around you. However, if you rebuke those insecurities with a positive affirmation each time you catch yourself thinking about them, you can retrain your mind to believe the positive. Overtime, this helps increase your confidence levels and that confidence becomes more visible and noticeable to those around you.

But how do you “retrain your mind?” It sounds more difficult than it is. For me, I created a list of a biggest insecurities that tend to result in my breakdowns. Then, I thought of a positive way I could spin all of them. Below are just a few examples of common insecurities and doubts that run through my head and the ways I have transformed those thoughts. It was very challenging at first, but after a week of focusing on my thoughts and countering them, I was able to see a difference. Now, I am almost always able to catch the thoughts before they settle into my mindset.  

Insecurity à Affirmation:

“My depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia all my make me weak.” à “Every day, I battle so many things that most people cannot understand. I am not weak. I was sick, and now I’m in recovery. By choosing to be in recovery and working hard on myself and overcoming my battles proves exactly how strong I am.”


“I am not good enough. I disappoint those around me.” à “I am strong. I am intelligent. I am the most authentic version of me. And I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming.”


“I made so many mistakes in the past.” à “I make no apologizes for the past. I am not longer that person, and those lessons I learned helped me get where I am today.”


“It’s selfish of me to not be there for everyone else all the time.” à “It’s okay to put yourself first. By helping yourself, you are giving yourself the strength to help those around you. You are strong.”


“No one will ever love me. I am not worthy of love from friends, family, or partners.” à “I am enough as I am. I am loved. The people who are meant to be in my life will be there and see my worth.”


“What if I fail?”  à “It’s going to feel incredible when I succeed.”


“All I do is mess up.” à “I learn a lot from my experiences. I am becoming wiser.”


Today, I am challenging you to write down a minimum of three insecurities you have about yourself and then write a counter statement for each. Repeat those positive affirmations three times daily for one week. See if you notice a change in your confidence.

originally published 04.26.20

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