Encouragement Card Program

Did you know that patients hospitalized in psychiatric units are 100-200x more likely to die by suicide? This is commonly due to a lack of both emotional and financial support.

Every month, Inspiring My Generation Corporation donates hundreds of encouragement cards to mental hospitals. This initiative aims to share hope and encouragement to individuals in their most vulnerable moments. Our hope is that by providing a message of support, the patient will find some comfort and motivation through their recovery.

Please note: cards MUST contain ONLY positive, supportive, and uplifting messages; and should avoid religious messages. Examples include: "Get well soon" , "You will get through this" , "It is okay not to be okay." Visit our website or Instagram page for more inspiration / ideas!

If you would like to nominate a Behavioral Health Facility, Mental Hospital, Psychiatric Unit, or Recovery Center to receive monthly card donations, please email the name of the facility with relevant contact information to francesca@inspiringmygeneration.com.